Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 22

Beginning Weight: 264.6
Week 19's weight: 246.2
This week's weight: 248.2
Week 22's weight loss: +2
Total weight loss: -16.4

Apologies for being away. I was on "vacation" last week (a weekend in Pittsburgh followed by a week of sleeping and working on reunion stuff) and the week before was "pre-vacation stress" week. Excuses, excuses. I ate horribly -- really horribly -- while away. Just couldn't resist that Sarris chocolate and those Eat-n-Park smiley cookies. And the pizzelles I made with my aunt that reminded me of earlier times. Cue the disappointment. 

I do wonder if I will ever be in the right mindset to tackle this thing again. My job stress is overwhelming. I have two days left this week before my weekend, and right now, instead of thinking about my weekend, I am already thinking about having to go back to work on Sunday. I dread it. Which makes me depressed. Which makes me want to just sleep and eat. 

So I've gained an additional 2 pounds, pretty much putting me back to where I was in early April. But I'm still here. Trying. 

Now, off to that job....