Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ending the year strong

Two thoughts for today:

1. The day I turned 40, I began my walking streak, which lasted 211 days. Sickness stopped the streak; a focus on the marathon kept me from starting it back up. Tomorrow, Sept. 10, will mark 50 days until my 41st birthday, and I'd like to finish this year off strong by walking every day until then. I know streaks are insanely hard to maintain, especially during a season where everyone gets sick, but I'd like to try.

2. I need a new focus in my training for the 2016 MCM, and I think from now until April, I need to focus solely on speed. My inability to maintain a 15-minute mile (and, realistically, I need to maintain a 14-minute mile) has been my Achilles' heel. At the same time, speed training in the past is what always ends up injuring me. So I hope to soon post a plan for my next step.

It's been a hard few weeks, but I know I need to focus now more than ever.