Saturday, November 29, 2014

331 days till the MCM!

339 days until the MCM: Walked 1.5 miles
338 days until the MCM: Walked 4 miles
337 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
336 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
335 days until the MCM: Walked 3 miles
334 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles
333 days until the MCM: Walked 3.1 miles
332 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles

Friday, November 28, 2014

That point when it's so worth it ...

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was a wee bit hard on me food-wise. So many delicious offerings -- and no idea what they contained calorie-wise. I tried to choose wisely and put small dollops on my plate. I steered clear of the pasta and sweet-n-creamy foods, though I did have a small biscuit and a roll. But I had only one plate worth (and it wasn't piled), did not get seconds, and for dessert I had a small piece of the crust-less pumpkin pie I've made every year since the Weight Watchers recipe entered my life.

When I got home, hours later, I was hungry. So I had leftover squash casserole (another WW recipe) for dinner and another small piece of the pumpkin pie.

When I weighed myself today, to compare it to yesterday (pre-Thanksgiving meal), I was very pleased to see that the scale had gone down. And that I had hit the second small goal of mine.

Yesterday also marked another milestone: 30 straight days of walking -- and the 30th day was the 5K Turkey Trot, so that was cool, too.

Whenever my routine is jostled, that's when I feel out of control, which brings on the binge eating. So that's what I had to be extra careful (and aware) of over the past few days. When my friends and I went to see The Hunger Games, we packed popcorn and Fiber One bars. When I got back from my Turkey Trot, I had some eggs and turkey bacon, so I wouldn't be starving when I went to our gathering. Feeling organized and prepared is so key for me. I have to remember that.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was so blessed to spend it, again, with a group of friends I love dearly. I hope your blessings were abundant, too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That point when it gets hard ...

I'm still doing well -- still eating right, still walking.

But tonight I tried on a dress I ordered for Thanksgiving. And it was tight and looked so horrendous on me. I stared at my horrible body in the mirror and all of a sudden I didn't see the woman who has been working so hard, who has been walking every day, who has been eating all the right foods. I saw the woman I had become after years of not taking care of myself. And for a brief moment, I had that horrible thought of "Why bother?" Followed by a string of all the bad names I call myself in moments of self-pity.

Only I am determined to not dwell on it. I definitely feel sadder right now, heavier, disappointed. But I know the happiness I so desire isn't going to be found if I give up. I'll have to send the nifty Thanksgiving dress back (it had a fall leaf pattern that was so pretty). And wear something old.

And walk tomorrow, my 29th day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yes, even last night!

I don't have much time, but I wanted to report that the streak continues at 28 days! 

Yesterday and today had potential to be bad: I had planned on walking after work, but work (which typically ends between 7:30 and 8:30) for me lasted until 10:30 p.m. We decided to replate and try to get in the Ferguson decision in as many papers as possible. The decision was to be announced at 9, but as everyone knows it wasn't until 9:30 that the prosecutor said the words. I updated the story by 10, the cover was finished at 10:20 and it was rush, rush, rush. I was exhausted. But I had to walk. So I did. I went down to the treadmill, got in that minimum 1 mile and got home around 11:30.

Today, I need to leave work at 7:30 for trivia night, so my plan was to get in the walk this morning. It was super hard to get up. But two things made me: 1. Today would be the last day of decent weather before the temperatures sink, and I really, really like to walk outside whenever possible, and 2. I just couldn't break the streak. 

I just got back from doing 3 miles. Still pretty tired. But pumped.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Still going

It's been a hectic two weeks. I had a proofreading assignment that was killer and took much longer than I anticipated. And work has been extra stressful as I've taken on more duties while we're short-staffed.


I still walked every day. This is a big deal for me, because usually the first thing to go when I'm stretched for time is the exercise. There were days I was so busy I had to take my proofreading job with me to the treadmill. But I didn't let my goal fall away: I've now walked 23 days in a row.

I think two things have helped me keep this goal going: 1. Momentum. Once I hit a record number of days walking in a row, I didn't want to break the cycle. And 2. Baby steps. Allowing myself a minimum of 1 mile has made it so much more attainable. On days when I was super stretched for time, I knew that I could do just 1 mile and it would be enough.

I've also managed to continue eating great. Yes, we are coming up on Thanksgiving next week and then the danger zone of the Christmas holiday season, but I'm trying to, at least right now, plan ahead mentally for what I'll be faced with.

It's hard to imagine that my ultimate goal is to RUN in a MARATHON when right now I'm just walking between 1 and 3 miles a day. But every big success story has to begin somewhere. And mine is beginning here.

352 days until the MCM: Walked 3 miles
351 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
350 days until the MCM: Walked 2.5 and 1 miles
349 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles
348 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
347 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
346 days until the MCM: Walked 2.5 miles
345 days until the MCM: Walked 3 miles
344 days until the MCM: Walked 3 miles
343 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
342 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
341 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
340 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile


Saturday, November 8, 2014

MCM 2015

This blog began so many moons ago with the express purpose of training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Almost every year since, I have set my sights on it, but for some reason or another, I haven't been able to get to that starting line. But that destination -- the starting line and the finish line -- still remains a goal.

As of today, there are 352 days until MCM 2015, the 40th annual race. Hmm ... 40 ... a number I am most familiar with having turned it last week. I have had my game plan in hand ever since that day, and so far, I've stuck to it. Of course, it's pretty simple in these early stages! But the fact that I've gone out there with intent each day since my 40th birthday, well, that's no small thing.

362 days until the MCM: Walked 3 miles
361 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
360 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles
359 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
358 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
357 days until the MCM: Walked 1 mile
356 days until the MCM: Walked 1.5 miles
355 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles
354 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles
353 days until the MCM: Walked 2 miles

Of course, being as heavy as I am, there is a weight concern and now is the time to focus on that. I know that when the training gets into heavy mileage -- come June or so -- weight-loss will be a lot harder to come by. So now is the crucial time for me to get what I can off. And while there's no specific game plan on that end, the best tool I have in my toolbox is something I have never used before: a therapist. A real therapist who specializes in weight, who helped open a national wellness center, who has so far made a real difference.

I'll keep the blog updated as I continue on this journey. I'm very determined to get to that finish line one day -- and am feeling good about this being the year.