Friday, November 28, 2014

That point when it's so worth it ...

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was a wee bit hard on me food-wise. So many delicious offerings -- and no idea what they contained calorie-wise. I tried to choose wisely and put small dollops on my plate. I steered clear of the pasta and sweet-n-creamy foods, though I did have a small biscuit and a roll. But I had only one plate worth (and it wasn't piled), did not get seconds, and for dessert I had a small piece of the crust-less pumpkin pie I've made every year since the Weight Watchers recipe entered my life.

When I got home, hours later, I was hungry. So I had leftover squash casserole (another WW recipe) for dinner and another small piece of the pumpkin pie.

When I weighed myself today, to compare it to yesterday (pre-Thanksgiving meal), I was very pleased to see that the scale had gone down. And that I had hit the second small goal of mine.

Yesterday also marked another milestone: 30 straight days of walking -- and the 30th day was the 5K Turkey Trot, so that was cool, too.

Whenever my routine is jostled, that's when I feel out of control, which brings on the binge eating. So that's what I had to be extra careful (and aware) of over the past few days. When my friends and I went to see The Hunger Games, we packed popcorn and Fiber One bars. When I got back from my Turkey Trot, I had some eggs and turkey bacon, so I wouldn't be starving when I went to our gathering. Feeling organized and prepared is so key for me. I have to remember that.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was so blessed to spend it, again, with a group of friends I love dearly. I hope your blessings were abundant, too.

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