Sunday, November 6, 2011

Counting down (and up)

Less than one week till race day, and I'm about as unprepared for a half marathon as I've ever been and very nervous about how it will all shake out.

My plan to do 12 miles last week was a bust, as I awoke on Sunday with very bad back pain. I knew running would make it worse and could potentially do harm. So 11 will be the most I've done before the race - and it will have been three weeks before the race. I do have my plan (2-minute run/1-minute walk) and I've already canvassed the route to find bail-out points (coworkers' homes! two hospitals! a rent-a-car agency!). I joke - I certainly don't want to bail out at any point - but I'm also realistic that I'm not in the best shape or health.

Of course, no matter what happens next Sunday, I will be out there honoring Chris and wearing (as of today) 68 yellow ribbons bearing the names of people who have donated to my campaign for the Wounded Warrior Project and are helping to keep Chris' legacy alive.

As I sat here this afternoon forming each ribbon and watching the mound of yellow grow larger and larger, I was so thankful to each name I wrote down. I'm happy to report we're past goal and up to nearly $3,300 raised for WWP in Chris' name.

It's not too late to donate (and to get your name on a ribbon). Visit

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  1. Oh, no! Back to praying for your back!

    My unsolicited advice is to start very slowly—maybe even walk the first mile—and gradually build speed. Envision yourself going pretty easy the first nine miles, well within yourself, and if you have way too much energy left at that point, well, it's a great problem to have. You'll still have four miles use it all up and have a great finish!