Sunday, January 11, 2015

A milestone

When I decided to attempt to walk every day, as a primer for MCM training, I made up a list of days to keep track of my progress. I started with "362," which is how many days there were until the marathon. And I typed in six lines of numbers, ending with "291." I didn't want to type out a complete list -- all the way to "1 day till the MCM!" -- because when I've done such planning in my past, I would never make it all the way through and then I'd feel bad seeing a big, blank, failure-to-achieve calendar.

So I started off with 72 days.

And last week, I completed those 72 days! Here is the proof:

On Friday, I began a second set of 72 days, and so far, so good. I even completed 6 very hilly miles on Saturday in 20-degree temps. Bundled up in two layers of pants, two shirts, a fleece jacket, two sets of gloves and an ear band, I actually felt pretty good out there. And the sun was shining the whole time, so that was a huge bonus.

I've made it through the week back on track with my eating, and my weight is back down to the pre-Christmas number. It's a shame I lost three weeks of potential progress, but I'm moving ahead, not looking back.

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