Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ups and downs, I tell you, are going to be the death of me.

I had a good run on Sunday. I did 10 miles, which made me very happy, because it keeps me on track for the Shamrock Half Marathon in less than a month.

But then, around Mile 8, I fell. I scraped up my elbow, but besides that and my clothing covered in dirt, there didn't appear to be any bad side effects. I got right back up and kept on running. I even ate well on Sunday and just had a big salad.

Monday, I woke up feeling nauseated with a backache. The backache turned into pain in my lower right abdomen. The pain and nausea were so bad I called in sick to work and kept the electric blanket wrapped around me.

The pain was still bad Tuesday, so I went to the doctor. He said the pain could be from the fall. Or it could be unrelated and my appendix. I'd just have to wait and see if the pain got worse. Tuesday at work was hard and uncomfortable.

Today, the pain in the side has subsided, but the nausea still comes and goes and the back pain is still there - now more of a discomfort.

So I suppose I did more than scrape my elbow on that run.

What it's done is sideline me from all exercise this week, which, in turn, has made me incredibly depressed. I missed my PowerCut class on Tuesday and I haven't run (or walked) since Sunday. I had plans to make this week a big push to meeting my monthly weight-loss goal (or getting close) but, instead and once again, I'm doing worse.

It's always something with me, isn't it?

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