Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January recap

Oh, January has had its ups and downs and downs and way downs, but overall it was a success for two reasons: I did lose some weight and I exercised more than last January.

The goals:
Lose 9 pounds
Exercise more than 12 days

How did I do?
I lost 6.6 pounds
Exercised 17 days. (If you count the days I just did a mini workout during my work shift, either by doing steps or a 1-mile loop, the total is 24 days.)

The month had been going much better prior to last week. I had lost even more weight and things were going well. But last week was rough. I fumbled big-time.

But perhaps that's the benefit of having monthly goals. I still lost weight. I messed up, yes. But Feb. 1 is a tad lighter than Jan. 1 and right now that's how I've got to look at things.

Now on to February. Here are the goals:
Lose 11.4 pounds (to keep me on track toward my first big goal of under 200 by May 1)
Exercise more than 10 days

I've been having some shin/knee/calf difficulties lately, so if they persist, I will have to find other ways to exercise and that might get tough. And I realize the weight goal may be unrealistic, but it's just a goal. I'll do my best.


  1. That's great, Diana! Have you ever heard of the book "Chi Running"? One of the principles is to totally relax your ankle and lower leg while running; it's kind of hard to do, maybe that would help you. I also recently bough a pair of calf compression sleeves, which I love, and which would help protect your calves as well. Happy February!

  2. Congrats!
    6.6 is awesome! along with the imcreased exercise!!!