Monday, January 24, 2011

Tough one

It's been a tough day, and I worry it may be a tough week.

I spent all morning working on my proofreading job and fighting the urge to snack. Ended up eating two Weight Watchers ice cream treats before I left for work. I was in a bad mood after that, wondering why all of a sudden I'm having a hard time.

But since I arrived at work, I've managed the calories well, and I should end today only 9 calories over my 1,200 limit. I didn't do a lick of exercise today, which is why my calorie count is at the lowest number.

I'm not sure when the switch flipped, but all of a sudden I'm not feeling as motivated and energetic as I've felt in prior weeks. I'm so terribly afraid I'm starting to slip. Last night, I snacked way too much. I had the extra calories from doing 8 miles, but I shouldn't have used them all (and then some).

I'm hoping I can keep my head on straight the rest of the week so I can end the month well and on target. It's only a few days away...

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