Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today's horoscope, read while sitting around in my pajamas being lazy and depressed about being fat:

Your problem is quite circular in nature. A total change of scenery will help you get into just the mindset to break the chain.

In other words, keep up this laziness and you'll remain fat and thus depressed which will make you not want to exercise and remain fat and thus depressed...

So despite a howling wind (seriously) all day long, I finally unraveled myself from my blanket and went out for a run. I can actually call today's run a run because it's fair to say I ran about half of the 3 miles, maybe more, maybe less but much, much more than I have for weeks. Anytime I felt like my legs were too tight, I kept picturing myself with legs like Gumby or Olive Oyl, all loose and rubbery. It actually worked, I think. I was able to finish without pain, and that's an accomplishment for me.

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