Thursday, January 20, 2011


All I want to do is sleep. And it's all I've been doing. It takes a great deal of effort to uncurl myself from my blanket and get outside to run or go to work.

Which made me think that, possibly, I'm a bear.

I'm supposed to be hibernating right now! After all, I spent all of November and December stocking up on food - eating everything in sight - to prepare for this hibernation period. Why, oh why, then must I be awake right now?

Seriously, I have seemed extra lazy lately. I'm sleeping way too much, which is no good and just makes me more tired. The weather sure isn't helping my motivation to change that, though.

I'm still working out. Not as much as I need to be, but I'm doing something every day. My legs, however, just feel like lead. They're sore all the time. They are not looking forward to today's run or tomorrow's spin class. But I am determined to keep pushing them.

Overall, it's going well. I know I haven't indulged you with my current weight or starting weight, but I promise I will soon. My plan this time around is to check in every month. I have those big weight goals I shared earlier, but I also have smaller month-by-month weight and exercise goals to get me there. I'll share with you where I stand.

In the meantime, I'll work on waking this bear up....after a quick nap.

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