Friday, January 14, 2011

First step

Well, I made it to a class at the Y, finally. Granted, it wasn't a class where I could see myself in a mirror, but we're talking baby steps here. I resumed (after a 16-month hiatus) my spin class I loved so much back in the day. It was hard, to say the least, to get back in the saddle, but it felt great afterward.

It's also a great calorie burn, though I can never figure out how much I truly burn. Different sites have it ranging from 400 to 1,000 calories burned for an hour. I gave myself 600. That may be too much. But I don't tend to eat my burned calories anyhow, so it's all just for show.

I was glad I was able to get off the bike and not have wobbly legs. They even felt fine walking home. But I knew the real soreness was still to come. Little did I know it would be now, one hour later, as I sit here and type. SORE! I'm actually looking forward to my mid-work 1-mile walk tonight, so I can get them moving and hopefully not be in serious soreness tomorrow.

The eating has been going well. I did have M&Ms yesterday on M&M Thursday (it's so hard to buy them and put them out and not partake) but I included them in my calorie count and was pleased when I stepped on the scale today that it didn't backfire on me. I find myself craving peanuts/peanut butter a lot lately, and those peanut M&Ms were heaven-sent. Fun fact: 10 peanut M&Ms have 100-ish calories. Not-so-fun fact: The tiny little cups I use for M&M Thursday can each hold 20 peanut M&Ms...a lot more than I thought!

I will likely not work out tomorrow...going to instead have a marathon proofreading day. So here is my workout tally for the week:

Sunday: nada
Monday: 3-mile walk
Tuesday: 1-mile walk
Wednesday: 3-mile run/walk + 210 steps
Thursday: 3-mile run/walk + 1-mile walk
Friday: 1-hour spin class (and hopefully a 1-mile walk tonight)
Saturday: likely nada

I'm pleased with it. I'm trying desperately to not get injured, and any tweak I feel in my leg (always the left) worries me. I don't want to overdo it.

Side note: I realized today that I have a serious anger problem when it comes to how people view me at gyms. In the past, I've held grudges against certain gyms where the trainers treat me like an inactive, lazy person based on my weight. Today, when the trainer (a substitute for my favorite spin instructor) looked out at the crowd, which included other newbies, he stared at me when saying people new to the spin class need to take an intro class first. He stared so much I had to finally reply, "I've been here before." I was so angry at that assumption that, because I'm fat, I know nothing about exercise. I'm trying to be more understanding. After all, I know I don't look like an exercise enthusiast. It just hurts, though. Like I've said before, inside, I don't feel like this obese woman. Inside, I feel like the fit runner I want to be. The reality I'm not can be painful to absorb.

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