Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keep going

I spent Saturday under a blanket proofreading all day long. I truly wasn't looking forward to going running today in this freakishly cold weather. Especially since I had to run 8 miles and I knew it would take me forever.

It DID take me forever, but I made it out there, actually driving to First Landing to run on the softer surface. Thank heaven for the sun being out, but it still was so cold. I wore two pairs of gloves and my hands still were freezing.

The big problem is that it took 4.5 miles for my calves to warm up. So I had to walk that whole distance. Then, I ran/walked the rest of the way. It felt good to finish strong.

I've eaten more than I should have today, snacking on Smarties as I proofread. Only 25 calories a packet. But those calories sure add up fast. Oh well.

It's going to be a rough week with this job due on Friday and being so behind. But I promise to stick with Diet Coke to get me through and not candy!

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