Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pictures worth a thousand doughnuts

I received a horrible, horrible surprise in my inbox the other day: photos from last week's race.

They were horrid. I'm talking "oh-my-God-that-can't-be-me" horrid. I take photos of myself every month, hoping to see my weight-loss, so I AM forcing myself to look at what I've become. But these photos were 10 times worse. I used to say I was shaped like a snowman, but now apparently I'm just shaped like a snowball. A snowball with a potato-shaped head plopped on top.

Incentive to work harder? I hope. Incentive to at least SMILE when I'm running? Better believe it.


  1. It's certainly true that photos are a reality check while the mirror is just a big liar. But really, who looks good when they're running? Why do they even take those pictures? Delete immediately.

  2. I have never ever ever had a good running photo taken of me. Ever. Ever. They are terrible. I always look like I'm walking through hell. Don't let lousy race photos get you down.

  3. Have a great time on Sunday - smiling all 13.1 miles!!!