Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013/2003: Week 8

In my quest to re-lose the weight I took off in 2003-2005, I've decided to document each week, comparing life now (first post) with life 10 years ago (second post). My hope is that I can find the momentum that carried me through those two years by looking at what worked for me then.

WEEK 8: 2013 
Beginning Weight: 264.6
Last week's weight: 252.8
This week's weight: 250.2
Week 8's weight loss: -2.6
Total weight loss: 14.4

I was by no means perfect this past week, as I worked about 80 hours wrapping up a project and caved into some evil snacking. But I suppose I kept the meals small enough that I was still able to take off last week's weight-gain. I still, however, have not brought back the exercise. Planned on going out tomorrow morning, but it's already 11:30 p.m. and I don't think I'll have the energy to wake up early. I still haven't caught up from the lack of sleep.

I better get my act together, and quick, because I was stupid enough to sign up for a mid-April 10-miler. You're probably shaking your head at me. Between taking on too much freelance work and setting high expectations for myself, I have been making all kinds of less-than-smart decisions recently. 

Week 8: 2003
Beginning Weight: 317
Last week's weight: 294.2
This week's weight: n/a
Week 8's weight loss: n/a
Total weight loss: 22.8

Published: 04/01/2003
I hate dieting during conferences.”

That was my one-line food journal update this week – written during a week of sitting on my duff for seven days straight and eating hotel food during a journalism conference in Virginia.

Don’t worry. I didn’t cave into the quesadillas and chips.

It was the hardest week – carefully eating tiny portions of meals because I wasn’t sure how many calories or fat grams they had. I was unable to weigh in – due to being out of town during our meeting, then having trouble finding the local Weight Watchers office, which only does weigh-ins a few hours a week.

So I can’t tell you how I’m doing in numbers – but I can tell you that I feel great. My mom visited me Saturday and hugged me tight, her pride in my weight loss enveloping me. I’m starting to feel a difference in my clothes.

And people are pulling me aside and whispering words of “looking good.” I’m feeling good – and it’s a great thing.

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