Sunday, October 17, 2010

Official time

Between the afternoon weigh-in that showed results and the Komen 5K official race times I just found, I think God was really, really, really trying to put a smile on my face yesterday.

No, I didn't do much better in the Komen all of a sudden. My official time was 37:08. But that put my average mile at 11:59. God wanted me to see that "11" and feel better. And oddly enough, it kinda does make me feel better!

P.S. I just logged the race into my running calendar and, surprise: It actually WAS my best time this year. Turns out that 0.1 of the 3.1-mile race threw me off a little. My previous best time (of the year) was a 12:11-minute-mile. I'll be!

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