Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So hungry

So, yeah, I really hurt my leg/knee/shin/ankle this week/weekend. Either I hurt it running after falling on it or I hurt it running on concrete in the race or I hurt it running 7.25 miles on Monday even though it was already hurting.

Now it's busted.

I've iced and elevated and rested and am now using a knee brace for just day-to-day use. But I am so antsy. I want to run. But I know it's not good. Unfortunately, I quit my gym recently b/c it stopped offering classes, so I don't even have other options.

Which means restricting my calories even more. Which means I AM HUNGRY.

Here's how serious I am about trying to be good before my mini vacation coming up this weekend: A friend gave me a nice hearty tub of her homemade macaroni and cheese. I loooove mac and cheese. And it's full of cheese. Last night, I had about an eighth of a cup of it (leaving like 3 more cups in the tub). It was heavenly. But I'm afraid of it. So I'm trying to just have a tiny bit every day.

The scale went back up on Sunday/Monday after a bit of indulgence last weekend, so I'm trying desperately to get it back down. While this weekend will include some hiking (Lord willing and the knee doesn't break), I'm sure it also will include non-diet foods. I must be careful.

I hope and pray I can run in the 10K next weekend. Yes, this is the 10K I hoped to PR in. Now my goal is to simply run it. How my standards have changed...

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