Friday, October 15, 2010

We shall see

It's been a different week for me. A week devoid of much exercise - but for a reason.

On Tuesday while cleaning, I slipped and fell in my apartment. Fell on my left knee, skinning it pretty bad but also leaving it really sore. On Wednesday and Thursday walking home from work has also brought on some shin pain, mostly, I think, because I've been walking faster (one does that on a dark night at 12:30 a.m.) in not the best shoes.

I've got a 5K tomorrow - one I've been looking forward to for months. I really want to do well, and I've been afraid if I pushed myself this week I'd just injure myself more. So I've rested and iced and massaged. I hope and pray tomorrow's race will be a successful one. But I also really hope and pray it won't be a painful one.

So I've had to limit my calories extra this week without the exercise factored in. I've kept myself to 1200 calories a day all week. Last night I got pretty hungry, but I still survived.

I had a moment of satisfaction yesterday when I dressed for class, wearing a pair of pants I bought at the beginning of the semester. They were starting to feel a little looser, so that was nice. And I did wear a pair of jeans this week, though I may have pushed it too much. They were kinda tight.

The next three weekends hold many food temptations - some of which I already plan on indulging in. So I plan to weigh in on Saturdays for at least the next three weeks. Based on today's scale reading, I don't expect to see much difference from last week, but even if it's 0.2 I'll be happy(ish). I'm looking forward to upping the exercise next week (if the legs are OK, Lord help me), which hopefully will help.

I realize I'm entering the months that have always been hardest for me. Stress and holidays and indulgences. I'm just trying really hard to inch downward on the scale instead of zooming upward.

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