Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013/2003: Week 6

In my quest to re-lose the weight I took off in 2003-2005, I've decided to document each week, comparing life now (first post) with life 10 years ago (second post). My hope is that I can find the momentum that carried me through those two years by looking at what worked for me then.

WEEK 6: 2013 
Beginning Weight: 264.6
Last week's weight: 252.6
This week's weight: 250.6
Week 6's weight loss: 2
Total weight loss: 14

No time to write this morning, but, yes, I am super happy I was able to lose this week, especially after having gone rogue off my eating plan.

I do wish -- like 2003 -- that I was seeing a difference in my clothes, but that's not the case. Jeans still the same tightness they were six weeks ago. Bah.

WEEK 6: 2003 
Beginning Weight: 317
Last week's weight: 299.6
This week's weight: 2
Week 6's weight loss: 2.2
Total weight loss: 19.6

Published 3/18/03
“Don’t you dare give up!” the letter began.

It was from a reader who, having read last week’s update where I gained a pound and fell into a bit of a depression, didn’t want me to stop, didn’t want me to give up on the dieting, or myself.

Her note made me smile.

She would be happy to know I did not let the weight gain keep me down – at least for more than a day or two.

This week, the scale showed progress, a loss of 2.2 pounds. And while I love seeing that number, there was an even more exciting moment for me this past weekend. I pulled out that brown jacket (the one that was inches from buttoning a month ago), and it fit! It was a thrilling, thrilling experience.

An interesting note: Grocery store shopping has never been exciting for me. When I ate what I wanted, it was a depressing trip – wondering what the clerk thought of me as she rang up the fattening foods. And as a new dieter, I would buy the veggies and light meals, all the while thinking, “Oh, who am I kidding?”

But that changed for me this weekend. I shopped with a new attitude. I was excited to buy healthful ingredients for new dishes. I was excited to pick out the best looking grapes and new flavors of hot tea. I was excited – because I knew I had entered a new lifestyle, and this shopping trip represented how I’d be eating the rest of my life.

Here’s a recipe for those who need a little something sweet (though I recommend freezing half of them and individually bagging the others so you don’t eat too many).

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins
15-ounce can of regular pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 box of chocolate cake mix
Mix pumpkin and box of chocolate cake mix. Put the mixture in a muffin pan sprayed with nonstick spray and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. This makes 12-18 muffins that are 2-3 points for each (for those Weight Watcher folks out there).


  1. Awesome job on the weight loss. I found a race I'm interested but don't want to run by myself.. it might be in your area. Would you be interested?


    1. Ah, alas, I will be out of town that weekend, doing a race in NY with friends. But also...I'm not too keen on the mud runs just yet! One day, though!