Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello again

You know how April showers bring May flowers? I'm kind of hoping my April weight failure will bring a more successful May weight-loss attempt. I've got to refocus. I'm losing ground. I'm losing momentum. I'm failing, and I'm really sorry about it.

Needless to say, April has been bad for me. I ate bad 10 days this month, meaning only 18 were spent following my plan. You can see how I get on a roll: One bad eating day turns into multiple ones.

So much to update you on. Let's start with some good news: the step climbing!

I was supposed to climb 580 steps on Sunday for the Dominion Tower Step Up challenge. But it went so well (the steps were not as steep and not as deep as the ones I train on at the newspaper) that I decided to do it twice. So I briskly walked (without ever stopping or ever touching the rails) the tower twice. That's 50 flights and 1,160 steps! (I did pause in between the first and second go-around, so it was 25 flights at a time). It felt great to be trained properly. And I have faith I can do even more next year.

I had my doctor appointment this week, but as I expected, he didn't seem bothered by the weight gain or the weight-loss slowness or anything at all. I hate doctors. I really do. They never seem to believe a fat girl when she tells them she's trying to lose weight. Whatever. I had some tests taken so we'll see, but I don't expect them to tell me anything.

I haven't run much at all. I'm in the process of proofreading a book and moving to a new apartment, so I'm falling behind in the running area. But as I type, I'm dressed in my running gear and plan on taking a short trot in an hour before work. I just signed up for a variety of 5Ks and 10Ks (including two in Pittsburgh!), so I need to stay on target. And, technically, that Marine Corps Marathon training begins on Sunday.

I'll weigh in for you on Tuesday, but I'm going to start back over at Week 1.



  1. I think you need a different doctor. Not that I WANT there to be something wrong with you. But they need to actually listen to your concerns and take them seriously! Doctors like that do exist. Maybe ask around for a recommendation...

  2. I actually like the idea of starting over with Week 1. We just started another challenge at work two weeks ago and I've been looking at that as a new beginning. I've set a specific goal for this 13-week challenge. I am sorry that you are feeling so frustrated, but please don't give up. You've accomplished more than you might think (just think about the stairs). While you might not be losing weight as quickly as you'd like, all of your efforts are making you a healthier person.