Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memory Lane

I was looking for a photo on Tuesday and took a wrong turn down Memory Lane. It landed me in a photo album that is filled with memories from my most overweight years.

The "trip" was made even harder by taking another turn into a photo album filled with memories from my thinnest years.

I don't really recognize either of those people, but I'm happy to say I feel more connected to the latter.

A photo I'm including here is from a heavy - though maybe not the heaviest - time in my life. It was 1999, I believe. And it was during a trip to Kennywood with my sister. This year, at the end of May, we're going to return to Pittsburgh for a small trip and we were debating going back to the amusement park. We love it there and miss it, but it will be Memorial Day weekend and likely a madhouse.

But after seeing this photo again, I am even more determined to make the trip. I want a new memory and a new photo in front of the Kennywood sign. And I really want to ride those rides I couldn't back in 1999.

On another note, I had a good exercise day yesterday. On Tuesday at work, I made it to 416 steps; on Wednesday, I ran 4 miles before work and then did 416 steps again at work. I'm a little sore today, but hope I can continue the 416 all this week and perhaps try 520 next week. Perhaps. I've been taking some co-workers with me on my little mid-shift breaks and it's been fun. I try to recruit someone each time, though I tend to do it by myself most of the time. I think many don't like the sweaty mess that returns to my desk!

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