Monday, April 5, 2010


I've had a bummer of a weekend with a lot of work to do and just a layer of sadness hovering over me for some reason. So my mood didn't pick up when I did a preliminary weigh-in this morning and found a big gain. I swear to you I've done nothing wrong; despite my depression, I have not eaten one bad thing and have always stayed within my calorie allotment. I had to walk on Sunday instead of run b/c my leg was sore but I made sure it was a fast walk with arms pumping. And I kept up the stair-climbing all last week.


I have a cold sore (something I've gotten on my lip since childhood), which is always my cue that I'm stressing too much. And we all know what stress does to a body.

There are moments when I feel really good about the progress I've made, but other times when I feel panicky, like I'm never going to get back down to a healthy weight or I'll dive back into my bad eating habits. The anxiety can be overwhelming at times. I wish I knew how to tame it.

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