Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saved at the supermarket

I was in a pretty deep depression at work yesterday, and throughout the shift, I kept thinking about what I might buy for dinner. Perhaps I'd take out Italian, with a side of those Italian cookies I like so much. Or I'd just go to the supermarket and buy a bunch of crap. The BOX of Italian cookies I like so much sounded pretty good to me.

Then, before I left work, I read my blog, as far back as last August. First, I must say this: I'm sorry for always being such a downer. Man, can I complain.

At the supermarket, I passed by all the treats but kept going. I went to find a Weight Watchers ice cream treat I like so much but the store apparently no longer sells them. Which made me think of the other bad treats again.


My total purchase yesterday? $2.86. I bought one Lean Cuisine and left.

I don't think I've ever done that before.

Anyway, it wasn't all roses at home. I ended up having too much granola and Baked Ruffles. But I was glad I left the crap at the market. It's easy to give up on this journey because of the setbacks I've had, but have to at least continue trying.

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  1. Don't even think about giving up. You are stronger than you think and it's days like yesterday where you are proving that to yourself. As for using your blog to complain, don't worry about that. It's good that you have an outlet for those thoughts. Writing about them is a good way to get them out of your head.