Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 12 weigh-in: Breakthrough!

Beginning weight: 216
Last week's weight: 200.6
This week's weight: 198.4
This week's loss: 2.2 pounds

Total loss: 17.6 pounds
Left to lose: 32.4 pounds

Oh, it feels unbelievable to be under 200 finally. And not just by a little, but nearly 2 pounds under! I can't believe how long it took me - certainly much longer than I had expected. But I guess that makes it much more sweeter of an accomplishment. I'm very, very, very happy.

I was a little worried about today's weigh-in because I sat in my chair for about 16 hours yesterday, practically straight. I was on a proofreading marathon and the sitting combined with the eating (of normal diet meals, but still, calories), I was a little afraid of what that would do. After all, it's "calories in, calories out," and I don't think you burn many calories proofreading.

But yay!

We're also about to enter Month 3, which is a big step for me. It's been a very long time since I made it this far dieting. Onward...


  1. Yay! Be sure to start your speedwork slowly, so to speak. Rather than a whole weekly speed workout, just one acceleration the first week and maybe two the second. I went to a Jeff Galloway class a few weeks ago, and it was awesome. I know you are an adherent of the run/walk method, so I'm just telling you what he would say. :)

    Happy tapering.

  2. Way to go! This is fantastic news.