Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer temps

Loving the weather, though not necessarily the clothes that accompany it. Last time it was nice and warm, I was thinner. It's hard to believe that in the course of three months, I gained so much weight, but October, November and December really killed me. And now it's taking so much longer to get the weight off.

I pulled out a pair of shorts to wear -- shorts I bought the summer my dad died when I was on the larger side of my Virginia weight. I was hoping they'd be loose, but they fit just fine. Some room in the waist. But I guess it's better than them being tight!

I had a nice 10-mile run today, though I really need to stop writing "run." I walked a lot. And I really haven't gotten any better over the past three months, which is quite aggravating. I'm just not showing progress. Granted, it was in the high-70s when I ran today, but still. I hate that my Cherry Blossom time is going to be tons worse than last year (and last year was pathetic). I'll also have to live with the fear of being pulled off the course, because it has a time limit. I think I can make it, but...well, you never know.

I had my biggest temptation this week, and it was my own fault. I actually really, really wanted some peanut M&Ms on M&M Thursday. It was a huge struggle to avoid them. But I did. I'm really proud I've made it nearly 11 weeks without one piece of candy, one bit of fast food, real pizza, real ice cream, cake, etc. It feels good. It can still be a fight, though. When the night desk ordered Chinese food yesterday, I was almost tempted to join in. But just thinking of the sodium content helped.

I'm going to take a quick trip to D.C. on my weekend (I have another proofreading job so I need to get a visit in before it gets crazy) so my weigh-in day will need to be Wednesday. That might be better anyhow, after this past week!

Thanks to you all for your support and love and kind words. You keep me going.

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