Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 9 weigh-in: Inconsolable

Beginning weight: 216
Last week's weight: 204.4
This week's weight: 204
This week's loss: 0.4 pounds

Total loss: 12 pounds
Left to lose: 38 pounds


  1. Think of it this way: In your marathon training, you're bound to have good training days and bad training days. But the only two things that matter are perseverence and (most importantly) NOT GETTING INJURED. So you would definitely sacrifice some mileage or speed on a particular day if you thought it might lead to injury. But then you would get right back on your training schedule, because one workout isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things — it's staying with it the whole 20 weeks (or whatever) that matters.

    You're a runner and I know you know this. But my point is, yeah, this was a so-so week for weight loss. Just don't let it INJURE you in that you get depressed and overeat. And don't let it throw you off your overall plan, because it's sticking with it that counts. Stay healthy, stay strong!

  2. You're awesome, Julie. Thank you so much.