Monday, March 1, 2010


Random thoughts:

1. It appears my baby talk with the scale in my last post backfired: For the past two days, it's shown a higher weight. Whatever. Guess it likes to be a big strong scale, not a good little scale.

2. I tried running yesterday, only to discover a total lack of energy. I ended up running/mostly walking 7.5 miles. I even sat down on the curb at one point. I think it's clear I won't be able to do the Shamrock half in three weeks.

3. The lack of energy (and maybe even the weight) may have a reason: I developed a horrible, sharp-pain sore throat last night. Who knows what's going on. Trying to rest today and drink lots of liquid and take lots of Airbourne, etc.

4. I dreamed of something chewy and caramel-y and chocolate last night.

5. Have tons of work to do today, so ... I'll be back after tomorrow's weigh-in...

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