Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend update

I just got back from D.C. and now it's time for work, so I can't write much. I just wanted to update you on things.

It was definitely a weekend of temptations. Greg and I went to one of our favorite Arlington restaurants...and it wasn't until then that I realized it was one of my favorites because practically everything on the menu is tasty bad for you. I found two things (well, Greg helped!) that I could eat: a bowl of fruit and a vegetable wrap. The fruit was wonderful. The veggie wrap was basically a spinach tortilla stuffed with gobs of lettuce. OK, there was some tomato and a few dabs of feta cheese. While I hungered for a steak salad or french fries or chips and salsa, I know I made a good choice. The meal definitely made me FULL. It was a lot of roughage.

Later, we went to Dupont Circle, which was awesome on a beautiful spring day. Awesome but....waaay tempting. A cupcake store. A fro-yo store. A Krispy Kreme WITH THE HOT DOUGHNUT SIGN ON.

I resisted. And I'm sure the pedicab guy who took us to the Capitol was glad I did. I already weighed enough for his skinny little legs.

On Monday, I bought a ton of candy at Target for work and brought jellybeans home for Greg. As he ate some, I was so tempted to eat a few. I even grabbed the bag and looked at the Nutrition Label. But I put the bag down.

Exercise-wise, I didn't do much after my 10 miles on Saturday. My leg has been hurting since the run and I was/am worried a bit. But in preparation for a star-climbing challenge, I made sure I bounded up all the Metro stairs in D.C.

I wasn't a saint, though. I bought some Kashi oatmeal/dark chocolate cookies at Target and ate one. Then another. Then two more. Yeah, I know. A total of 8 points, but I wrote it down and only went over by two at the end of the day.

So there's my confessional. Now it's time for work, where I must guzzle water to prep for tomorrow's weigh-in. :)

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