Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has sprung (I hope)

It sure was a nice day for a run. But it took me forever to get my act together, and I didn't leave the house until 12 p.m. Didn't get out to First Landing and start running until 12:45. But it was nice and warm and I wore a new shirt I like and I was determined to enjoy myself.

The first few miles were nice. I forgot how soft that trail is, and I know my legs appreciated it. But I soon tuckered out. I did complete 9.6 miles but they were slow, I walked a lot and ... well, it's just proof I don't think I can even walk the Shamrock half marathon in two weeks. I'm just not ready. The Cherry Blossom 10-miler is in one month, and even that seems scary.

Earlier in the day, I started thinking more about the scale and it really got to me. In the past, when my weight got high, it didn't take long (maybe a week, maybe two) to get back below 200. Now, two months later, I'm still not there. And my endurance is shot. I feel like I'm really not making any progress.

So after the run, when I dashed into 7-Eleven to get some water, I spied a box of doughnuts. A bag of cookies. And I wanted to buy them. Then I drove to the Office Depot to get some editing pencils, and there, oh, there, was a Sonic and a yummy Mexican restaurant. I wanted to order double.

I haven't been that tempted to eat bad in awhile. I think I just was so frustrated. I also think of all the previous diet attempts and how they failed and how this one may too and ... just eat already.

But I know that's not the answer and it will get me nowhere. I have to keep trying and keep hoping for the best.

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  1. From over here it looks like you've been sticking EXACTLY to your goal of losing about 2 pounds a week (not counting the scale discrepancy). I'm glad you're persevering, but you should be THRILLED, not discouraged!