Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I may need to stop eating sushi. I love sushi. And it's good for you. But I never know how to calculate the calories, as much as I try, and so I'm either overestimating or underestimating and either way the scale isn't happy today.

I ate two trays of Harris Teeter sushi yesterday: one tray had four tiny pieces each of shrimp, tuna, salmon and eel sushi. One tray had six of the larger sushi: two salmon, two shrimp and two tuna. Plus six small pieces of tuna and avocado. (Man, when I see it in print like that, maybe it was way too much sushi.) It was my main meal for the day. And I estimated it at a little less than 700 calories. But maybe I was way off.

I didn't eat much else during the day: oatmeal and a banana for breakfast; a lean cuisine fish dish for dinner.

Anyway, the scale is up today.

Oh, and I ran in the morning, a good run in the rain where I went 2.25 miles straight and then ran/walked the last mile.

So perhaps it's too much sushi. But buying the one tray never seems to fill me up.

Sigh. I guess that's why I'm fat.

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  1. I'm no expert here, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to get on the scale every morning and then attribute the gain or loss to whatever you did yesterday. Sounds like a recipe for second-guessing yourself and destroying your confidence (perhaps causing you to stop eating something that's good for you!).

    I have no idea if your estimate was off, but maybe if you're worried about it, you could eat just one tray of the sushi at a time and then round out the meal with veggies or something less calorie dense. (But realistically, your estimate wasn't off by 3,000 calories, so I doubt sushi alone would cause you to gain any noticeable weight in one day.)

    Happy running!