Thursday, February 11, 2010

A beautiful day for a run

It really is nice outside, and with the forecast looking not-so-hot in the next week, I made myself get outside and soak in that sun. It was 45 degrees but quite perfect for running.

And it was a great run....probably the best one I've had in way more than a month. It was a three-miler and my shin felt just fine, and I was able to end it really strong b/c a great song came on my iPod that had a perfect rhythm of an 11-minute-a-mile pace. So the last quarter mile felt awesome. It's been awhile since I could run that pace.

It was still a pathetic time, and nowhere near close to where I used to be, but I can see progress being made and that thrills me.

I'm also thrilled to say that I still haven't eaten one morsel of bad food in these 5.5 weeks, and it feels really good.

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  1. Great to hear you sounding happy again. You must be one of those people who thrives on sunshine! (There hasn't been one day since December that I would dream of running outside.)