Thursday, February 25, 2010

NOT a dream

Well, shortly after I got home from D.C. on Tuesday, depressed about my weigh-in and other things, I sat down in front of the TV and consumed nearly a bag of Baked Lays.

It wasn't a dream.

That's the bad news. An old, dangerous, bad habit returned. The good news is that I ate the rest of the day accordingly and stayed within my Points (if you count the extras you're allowed during the week).

And yes, I added up the Points in a bag of Baked Lays. Nine servings total; I had already eaten one serving prior; so eight servings, and they equaled about 20 Points. Yeah, I know. (I typically eat 24 Points in the course of one day.)

I've since gotten back on track.

And I keep weighing myself on my new scale. I must admit: If I could just drop some pounds, I think I'll like this new scale. It's pretty nifty. Yes, right now I hate how honest it is when it tells me I'm obese and screams my body fat percentage, but it will be thrilling when my status changes as I lose weight.

In exercise news, I ran 3 miles today and felt really, really, really good. I've been worried about my lack of stamina lately. I needed this run.

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