Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Well, I've been forced to enter the world of the digital scale a little earlier than I had hoped. I went to do a pre-weekend weigh-in today and discovered my dial scale is broken. The little dial won't go to 0; it's stuck at like 270.

I've had this scale forever, and it accompanied me on the big 150-pound weight-loss. It took me from the high weights where I had to add 30, 40 pounds as the dial flew past 270 and back to 0; I almost kissed it when I got to 270 and no longer had to do math to find out my weight; I cried many times when I reached new goals; and, I admit, I kicked it many times when I saw the pointer go up.

So this weekend, I'll invest in a new digital one and I'll have to face my "new" weight, which will likely be higher (i.e. more realistic). I'll let you know how it goes Tuesday morning.

I'm off to D.C. this weekend, a trip I've been trying to make for the past month now. The snow has hindered me the past three or four Saturdays, and I'm hopeful all will be OK today. I do fear the restaurant food we'll likely eat; Greg keeps telling me about cupcake stores that are opening and encouraging trips to get hot chocolate. But I've packed my healthful snacks again and will try to push through the temptations.

On a running note, I'm supposed to do 10 miles tomorrow but ... guess who has sore shins again!?

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