Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6 weigh-in

Beginning weight: 216
Last week's weight: 205
This week's weight: 204
This week's loss: 1 pound

Total loss: 12 pounds
Left to lose: 38 pounds

The scale was driving me a little crazy today, in that I really couldn't tell what my exact weight was. It may be 203, but I decided to round up to 204 just to be safe.

Funny enough, I'm fine with just one pound. I know deep down I am not exercising as much as I need to, and it's going to take more than eating healthfully to lose this weight.

I did shake it up today, exercise-wise. During my four miles, I did six 1-minute bursts of fast running, trying to push my body harder. It felt good.

My race on Saturday, I forgot to tell you, was really great. I prayed and prayed for so many aspects to be OK (no snow on the roads, no bad shins, etc.) and it all was fine. It snowed, heavy at times, but nothing sticked on the roads. There was a fierce wind during the last half of the 8.75 miles, but it made it ... entertaining. And no shin problems! My time was better than it's been in the past month and a half, so that was nice to see.

And, just so you know, I did - thankfully - make it through my weekend without falling off the wagon. There was one moment when I did grab the Special K granola (new and yummy) box and sat down with it, eating away without measuring. But I didn't eat too too much and that was the worst of my eating all weekend. (If you recall, eating cereal out of the box was how I started gaining weight to begin with, so it's a dangerous thing for me. I have now sworn off buying the granola, for awhile at least.)

There were moments on Sunday and Monday night when I had used up my WW Points but wanted to grab another WW ice cream treat. But I stopped myself both times by turning off the TV and going into my bedroom or office to read. I'm really proud of myself for that. It would have been really easy to eat more and rationalize by digging into the extra Points you're allowed during the week. But I wasn't hungry and I knew that one more tends to lead to two more, etc.

Well, gotta go eat my post-run oatmeal now. I think today's sunshine did me a lot of good spirit-wise. It's amazing how that works, isn't it? Let's hope for more sun this week, for us all.

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