Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nice to see you, sun

I was able to get out for a nice 4-mile walk today with my friend Laura. We had to dodge some ice- and snow-covered spots, but it wasn't too bad. By the time we got home, I could see the sun peeking through the clouds, a wonderful sight!

We ran two tiny bursts -- both of us were suffering tight shins -- and while it was mostly a walk, it was so nice to get outside again. I was going to wait to go out again Friday, but I may try tomorrow, as the forecast has a sun as tomorrow's icon and more stupid raindrips/snowflakes Friday and Saturday.

I'm proud to say I have still managed to go this whole time without eating one bad thing, and it's getting easier. Still -- and I know I keep saying this -- I really, really need to start upping my exercise. I fear the next two weeks will be light on it, though, as I have a book to proof and I'm already behind. I just have to do what I can and remember I'm in no rush to lose weight (though in my head I am!!).

Still feeling no difference in my clothes, but I hope to feel better in general tomorrow when I get my hair cut and colored. I've been looking rather rough lately, and it's time to spruce up!

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