Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 1

That sounds so funny to write - Day 1. But I made it through Day 1, and Day 1 was actually really hard for me (as most Day 1s are), so, yes, Day 1 deserves its own post.

I can't believe I'm back here again. Today's "settled" weight was 217, so I'm basically where I was in January. What a waste of all that effort.

For all the "woe is me" I did in the last post, I should update you on a few good things I did last week. I had signed up for two 5K races before my Pittsburgh trip, excited to have the chance to run in my hometown. I wasn't sure how successful I'd be or if I'd even do them both. But I did. And I had a great time.

The first one was on Saturday, an up-and-back course that was a very gradual decline on the way up and a very gradual (but noticeable) incline on the way back. I was slow, but it was great fun, as I had the chance to run with a childhood friend, who never abandoned me despite the fact I knew he could go much faster.

On Monday, I knew I was in trouble when I went to pick up my race bib number and I could barely make it up the hill (mountain) where the registration table was. The course was one big hill (mountain) after another. I knew the race would be hard (it was billed as a "challenging 5K") but I had no idea it would be THAT hard. But I walked it all and enjoyed making memories with my friend and his very cool family.

It was great to go back to where I grew up and run (OK, walk/shuffle/plod). Even better was the chance to share that with friends.

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  1. Maybe this will help you, and maybe it's just selfish on my part, because I like reading your blog.

    But I've noticed that when things aren't going well (or you've "fallen off the wagon") you stop blogging. It's a bad sign!! If you could commit to blogging every day (or every other day, or even once a week when you're super busy) it would give you some structure and support and incentive to stay on track.

    Addictions stink, and food addictions are the worst because you can't exactly go cold turkey! But maybe you could use that personality trait to commit to keeping yourself accountable.