Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh what a day

It's been a bad day.

I decided to start the day by going out for my 30-minute jog/walk, as my training dictates. I thought that, on the way back, I'd pick up my mouse traps at PETA. Because of that, I decided to take a backpack and carry my wallet, keys, cell phone and a change of shirt.

Before starting my jog, I veered off to this new gym that sits two doors down from me. I just wanted to see how much it was to join. The cost isn't horrible ($45 a month, much cheaper than the YMCA) but the woman who showed me around made me feel horrible. Looking at me (and, yeah, I admit I looked really fat and awful in my running outfit), she asked if I could take the stairs. She made comments about working my way up in spin classes. Etc.

Then I started my jog. Almost at the halfway point and about to turn around, my backpack broke and my wallet and keys spilled out. I scooped them up and continued. Then I realized I should check for my cell phone. It wasn't there.

I proceeded to walk all the way back to my start, then back again to the turnaround. No phone. I scoured everywhere. I went to PETA, bought the traps and walked home, scouring as I went again. My 30-minute walk turned into 2 hours and 20 minutes and more than six miles.

So while it's good I got in a little more of a workout, I'm still pretty upset about the phone. It was time for a new one, yes, but I'm worried about my contact information and being able to keep my number. I keep calling it but no answer. I picture it in a bird's nest or at the bottom of a sewer playing "Chariots of Fire" to confused birds or rats.

Speaking of ... the trap hasn't worked yet. Half of me (still holed up in my bedroom) wants to catch it. The other half doesn't. I don't know how I'll pick that thing up and drive it to green pastures. He better be cute. I'm not a wimp but I'm not strong, either.

I haven't decided if I'm going to join that gym or not, but I was left today with the image of me in the gym mirrors looking worse than I have in forever. It was embarrassing. My summer running clothes just don't fit right and make me look even worse.

But onward I go. There's another gym steps away from my apartment (odd, huh?) and I may see how much it costs...and if the employees treat me better.

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  1. Ugh, complain to management. Maybe she'll get fired and you'll get a discount.