Sunday, June 6, 2010

Days 2 and 3

Well, Days 2 and 3 weren't as perfect as Day 1 but they weren't awful. I didn't "cheat," but I went over my points by a few. Today, the scale showed 215.8.

I made three big mistakes today as I resumed my training schedule:
1. I hit snooze.
2. I turned off snooze/the alarm.
3. I decided I didn't want to drive to First Landing because of my late start.

Getting a late start (out the door by 9 a.m., also known as 85 degrees) was because of my own laziness. I got plenty of sleep but decided I wanted more. I don't know if it was the heat or my obesity or my lack of exercise lately, but I could not run for long. I did the run/walk up until 2 miles or so and then ended up walking the rest. Toward the end of the seven miles, I tried to do some more running, but not much. I was exhausted and woozy. The heat did me in. I'm still feeling toasty and it's 12 hours later.

I also should have gone to First Landing. It's a much softer surface and it is shady. But, again, I was lazy and didn't want to drive out there. I need to recommit myself to going out there for my long runs because it's so much better for me.

As I was walking today, I thought about how my blog is pretty telling because when you don't see a post for a long time, it's usually because I've fallen off the wagon. So it was pretty funny to see my friend Julie's comment on my last post saying the same thing! It's true, I know. And I do want to commit myself to writing and to this training. I'm hoping now that I'm home with no trips planned and no big events in the works that I can get myself into a good schedule. The month of May really did me in.

A funny aside: I have discovered a new diet. It's called the Mouse Diet. You see, I have a mouse (or, heaven forbid, a rat) and ever since I saw the sucker, I have hunkered down in my bedroom with a towel under the door. Yes I am hiding from it until I can go buy a trap (humane trap, I hope). But in my bedroom, I have no access to snacks. Makes for a good way to avoid eating at night! Though let's hope this won't last long. I love, love, love my new apartment and can't believe this is happening. One of the big reasons I moved from my old apartment was because of bugs. Only to move and have rodents??

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