Tuesday, July 6, 2010


(According to my computer's memory, I've used this title "Blah" twice before. I need to think more creatively when I'm blue!)

Had an awful, awful 5K on Sunday - the worst in memory. My calves were so tight I had to walk most of the first mile. It was frustrating, though, because I felt like I had the energy to run, just not the legs to take me there. I actually thought about taking off my timing chip and leaving the race course, but the paranoid part of me thought that if I registered going across the start mat but not the finish mat, the race organizers would think I dropped dead and would call out the Guard to look for me. So I plodded away with a big ole frown on my face. I even took off my Uncle Sam hat during the walk portions.

(On a positive note, Greg finished first in his age group and ninth overall: I was very jealous, er, proud!)

I felt sick Sunday night into Monday and had to skip dinner and my Monday long run.

Today's "run" was pathetic and was more of a walk.

Tomorrow is speedwork day, and we'll see what happens. I need to stretch my legs and roll my calves today and really focus on them. I had plans to go to boxing class after my run this morning but my energy is sapped. Could be the 95-degree temps. I'm afraid if I go to class, they'll all look at me like I'm a weakling. I think I'll skip the run before Thursday's class and perhaps do some cardio after.

I didn't eat awful over the weekend, but I did overeat a bunch of crap last night. Don't know what it is about the end of the weekend that makes me binge. Perhaps I know that a strict diet week is approaching. Who knows.

Back on track today. That's all I can focus on.

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