Saturday, July 3, 2010

Plugging along

I must say, I am loving this site. It makes me think about every little thing I eat and every opportunity to exercise. Anything to show positive numbers. The other day, I wanted to eat some pretzels (100 calorie pack) but I only had 68 calories left for the day. So I got up from my desk and did 312 steps to burn some calories first.

My easy run yesterday still was stuck around a 14-minute-mile. Tomorrow is a Fourth of July 5K, so we'll see what I'm truly capable of. I hope to do a 5K every month or so to see if my times improve. On Monday, Greg and I may go running in First Landing, where my hope is to put in miles but perhaps by simply walking them. We'll see how my calves feel. They've been rather tight lately.

I'm a bit worried going into this weekend. There are too many opportunities to eat. I was proud of myself yesterday, as I sat at my desk, gripping my computer mouse with white knuckles as huge slices of what smelled like heavenly cake were delivered past me. Folks lined up to get theirs, yet still slices remained when I walked past them to go to the printer. I thought about how much would calculate "one bite of cake" but then I just rushed back to my desk, sans cake.

Let's hope the rest of the weekend proves just as successful.

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  1. Sounds like you're doing great. Yay!

    For tight calves, try rolling them with a foam roller if you have one. Better yet, you can lie on your back, put your calf on the opposite knee, and try to find and rub out the knots. I had huge calf problems for years until I learned about the horrors of "muscle adhesions" (for your Googling pleasure) and how to defeat them. :)