Friday, July 9, 2010


So, I returned to boxing class a full two weeks after my last class. Big mistake to miss so many (though all of last week's classes were canceled b/c the trainer was on vacation). My legs are so sore! They actually were really tired going into the workout - so tired I felt pained during each exercise. Well, not pain. But tired-ness.

I'm giving my legs a break today, but I signed up for another 5K for tomorrow. I figure I can use it as my speed workout for the week, and I'd really like to see some improvement from last week's race. We shall see.

The weight has been going well, thanks to MyFitnessPal. I'm down 7.8 pounds from two weeks ago and am trying to prepare myself mentally for the slowdown that will soon occur. I really want to get back under 200 pounds again, but that may take another month. Or more.

Despite the heat, I've walked to work all week, and I really do love it. I always walk much, much faster on the way home, as it's past midnight and I always worry. So it's a good little workout before bedtime. (Can you call 8 minutes a workout?)

Well, my sore legs and I are off to an early, early shift at work, after a late, late shift last night. Let the yawns commence....(Do you burn calories yawning??)

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