Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 miles + PowerCut class

Blazin' hot! But I ran the 4 miles successfully and then went to PowerCut class (weights) at the Y. Been stretching a lot. And now it's naptime before work begins, thus probably taking my metabolism back to what it was at 7 a.m., but such is the life of a night-shifter training for a race in the dead of summer.

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  1. You are just the coolest chick in the whole wide world to me, Diana D!!! You are the queen of determination, spunk and spirit and the fact that you are a long-distance runner makes you even more beautiful than you already are (inside and out). I admire you greatly and know you will kick absolute BUTT on October 25th!!!

    I'll be sending good wishes your way until the big day!

    xo -
    Erin Diener