Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weigh-in day

It's bad, but not nearly as bad as I expected after two weeks of eating poorly.

Weight: 204

I'm going to make myself weigh in on Tuesday mornings, because that follows my weekends, which have been the hardest days for me.

(Note: The photo at left was taken last week. Pretty pathetic that the elephant looks thinner than me. That's bad. No offense to elephants.)

Again, I know most trainers warn that marathon-training time is not the time to diet. But as one very wise friend of mine just told me, every pound I lose is a pound I don't have to carry 26 miles. I think it's wiser to try than not.

On the training front, I woke up with sore legs (the bad kind of sore), which scares me. They seemed fine after Sunday's 16 miles, but not after yesterday's spin class. I made myself stay seated on the bike, trying not to put any pressure at all on my legs. I also did some leg weights. But none of that should affect my shins. I'm about to go running now and am praying for the best.

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