Sunday, August 9, 2009

Having doubts

Well, I completed 16 miles today, and while I know I should be proud and excited for having gone my farthest distance, I'm just frustated and having doubts about whether this marathon is possible for someone like me.

It took me a very, very long time to do 16. Like, VERY. It didn't help that in the first mile, my shin was extremely tight and I had to walk to mile 3 until it loosened up. That didn't make for a very good start. I walked a ton. But I did try to finish strong.

I've been stretching all day long, hoping I am OK and can proceed with my schedule this week. Maybe eating poorly for two weeks and not doing much exercise contributed to my poor performance and maybe it's possible for me to get better. I'm cautiously proceeding.

Of course, I still haven't had the guts to let folks know this blog exists. Only my boyfriend, Greg, who was the catalyst for this marathon attempt, knows about my writings. I'm just too scared to tell people what I'm doing, or rather, too scared to have them see me so unsure and pessimistic.

Let's see how this week goes...

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