Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roll with it

So, I went to my Power Cut class, where my instructor watched me and assured me my form was fine (I'm trying to determine what I may be doing wrong that is causing my knee/calf pain). Then I did an ellyptical machine (the glider, which seemed to be the one that would put the least pressure on my legs) but quit after 30 minutes because I was feeling tightness in my calf.

Frustrated, I went to Running Etc. to buy a knee brace (to help stabilize the patella) and was given a foam roller to borrow. John, an awesome employee there, said it could help loosen my muscles. He said to try doing it for five minutes a day. I just tried for...five seconds. It hurt so bad! It's like all of my body weight (and we know that's a lot of body weight) on this hard roller. But it feels better when I'm done, so I know it's a good thing. But five minutes? Ha!

Anyway, I got in some cardio and some strength today and did a ton of exercises at home. And rolled. Now work. And lots of prayer this is all just a temporary obstacle.

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