Saturday, August 8, 2009

The training

To catch you up: I've been training for the Marine Corps Marathon since April. I decided to give myself six months for training since it's my first marathon. I also decided to take on the Jeff Galloway approach of run/walking: run five minutes, walk one minute (except for short runs where I run a mile and walk a minute). My hope was that this approach would eliminate or decrease injuries, but I somehow have managed to hurt my knee/ankle in the past few weeks. We'll see how it goes when I try 16 miles tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be hard. I haven't run steadily in two weeks because of my knee and then a vacation in the mountains that prevented me from running because I was told to stay off hills. I hope and pray it goes OK. If it doesn't, this blog won't see the light of day. If it does, I'll finally let others know the blog (and hence the training) exists.

I've only told a few people about the marathon because I have been afraid of jinxing myself. I wasn't sure I would be ready for it. But I figure, if I can run/walk 16 miles, I'm ready to at least tell people I'm trying. Crossing my fingers. Tomorrow's temps are going up to 97 degrees, so I hope to start as early as possible.

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