Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 5

Imagine, if you will, plodding through 7 miles on a warm day, then finding a little extra energy to walk across the street and visit the ocean. You stick your feet/legs in the water, and the waves and sand massage your sore muscles. You're hot and oh-so-tired. You head back to your car, only to hear a little jingly music from off in the distance.

An ice cream truck.

You smile to yourself, thinking of those childhood days when you and your sister scrounged up coins from the sofa whenever you heard that familiar song. You continue walking.

Then, the ice cream truck pulls onto the side street where you're walking. It pulls RIGHT UP TO YOU. The ice cream man smiles. You see the delicious, cold options displayed on the side of his truck.

You shake your head "no."

The ice cream man drives off.

Now that, my friend, is resisting temptation!

It was a nice day. A nice start to my stay-cation.

From my Choose Your Own Stay-cation chart:

FOR MY HEALTH: A good walk/run (my foot is kinda hanging in there; some soreness but nothing too bad). I was extra tired, it seemed, but after taking a GU halfway through, my energy perked up a little.

FOR WORK: I went through all of my files, paper and electronic, and wrote down all of the resources I have for my class. I organized them into categories. A good amount of work, but nothing too time-consuming.

FOR PLAY: The beach will have to count, though I never sat down during my visit; it was a short one. But I plan on returning later this week.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's "For Play," a movie or two at the Naro, which is offering, back-to-back, the only two movies I'm interested in seeing: "The Kids are All Right" and "Cyrus."

There's a great event happening at the waterfront (a few blocks from my apartment) on Wednesday, but I'm a little afraid of going. It's National Cupcake Day and they'll be giving out free cupcakes, along with having various games and such. I may have to pass. Or I can just work out extra hard that day and get a nice treat.

We'll see how the next few days go...

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