Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 9

Today, I took my boxing class, which I'm starting to enjoy even more these days. Of course, just when I start to enjoy it, it will come to an end. Once teaching starts up Aug. 30, I won't be able to take boxing anymore. The only boxing classes are 12-1 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday. My ODU class is 11-12:15 Tuesday/Thursday. Across town. Sucks.

I hope the gym brings back the morning boxing class in the fall, but it's not looking good for me. I hope I can find the motivation to box on my own. (But I know me too well...)

I also ran a little after the class. My foot is starting to feel a little better, to the point where I haven't iced in a few days b/c I haven't felt anything (and therefore forget to ice). I think boxing helps b/c it warms me up before I go running.

Didn't eat perfect today, again, but I'm OK with that. I'll have my meal-out tomorrow (steak, lobster mac-and-cheese, etc.) and possibly pizza on Saturday. My goal is to enjoy those meals and lay low the rest of the day. Make the meals worth it.

Sorry this post is stilted. I'm not feeling the writing vibe right now but I wanted to make sure I updated Day 9. (Though, is it really Day 9 when I haven 't been perfect on my diet?)

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