Friday, January 15, 2010

Another challenge....and more bad dreams

Yeah, so the bad dreams have continued all week and it's making my sleep very restless. I have no idea where it's all coming from, but in a way, the bad food dreams have helped me. Gets it out of my system.

The new challenge will be a visit to D.C. this weekend to see my boyfriend. I'm notorious for letting the dining-out meals be bad, so I need to be very careful. Luckily, I have gotten him addicted to Weight Watcher and Skinny Cow ice cream treats and Healthy Choice meals, so I do have healthy options!

I mapped out a schedule of my weight-loss goals, and the final goal of 166 puts me at the end of June (that's with a 2-pound weight loss every week, which, I know is not always possible). How I would love for this to work. I do feel more on track in my mind, right now, than I've been in the past year.

I also have to come to grips with the fact that 166 today, at age 35, will not be the 167 it was at age 30. I seem to have a much harder time with my stomach/hips these days and the distribution may not be to my liking. But....I'm getting ahead of myself. Not there yet!

Yesterday's 4 miles was good -- I don't believe I coughed once while running! (Though, yeah, some after.) I may be on my way to recovery. Let's hope I can continue on this better path....

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