Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh-in Day

Beginning weight: 216
Last week's weight: 212
This week's weight: 210
This week's loss: 2 pounds

Total loss: 6 pounds
Left to lose: 44 pounds

I dreaded getting on the scale this morning, and I couldn't figure out why. I've been doing great, right? Eating right, exercising again. Why should I dread the scale? But I did, and I guess it sensed my dread. I lost 2 pounds. I should be happy, and deep down I am. (Mostly happy I'm two weeks in and still on track.) But I'm also frustrated at what appears to be a much slower weight loss than I'm used to. If it's this slow now, what happens when I get to lower numbers, when it's even harder to lose?

Now I re-read the above paragraph -- from an outsider's point of view -- and I'm frustrated with myself for being frustrated (I told you this blog would be honest; this is unfiltered train of thought). Two pounds is what I aimed for and I should be thrilled. I should be even more thrilled that I've made it this far. And I KNOW I'm not working out as hard as I could; I'm certainly not shaking it up and trying new things to get my body moving.

So I enter Week 3 happy I'm still on track and ready to tackle new challenges (yes, like that workout DVD I still haven't tried and keep avoiding...)

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